Using the En-Roads Climate Simulator to Learn About Effective & Equitable Climate Action

For the average person, the complexity of climate change and a lack of clarity on impactful solutions can be paralyzing. For governmental leaders and decision-makers, it can help drive misguided investment in pie-in-the sky solutions that avoid more impactful policy decisions. En-Roads, a free, easy-to-use online dashboard and modeling tool co-developed by today’s guest, Andrew … Read more

Training the Clean Energy Workforce with IREC’s Dr. Cynthia Finley

We can’t meet our climate goals without building, as fast as we can, a robust, diverse pipeline of well-trained workers. Unfortunately, here in the US, there is no real workforce education and training SYSTEM, per se. Short-term programs, apprenticeships, and non-credit credentials are delivered by a patchwork of community-based organizations, for-profit training providers, industry associations, … Read more

Universities on Fire with Bryan Alexander

Today’s guest on is Dr Bryan Alexander, author of the  book Universities on Fire: Higher Education in the Climate Crisis. Universities on Fire is one of the first books that I’ve seen focused on how climate change is impacting higher education. The futures he describes for higher ed, even the best scenarios, are unsettling, … Read more